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Step One

Curbing installation step 1

First trenching and ground preparation is completed readying the landscape for concrete curb installation. A sod cutter or trencher will be brought in and a trench will be cut approximately 2 inches deep and 10 inches wide to accomodate the machine and to insure that the front edge of the curbing is at the same height as the firm sod. (deeper trench for the curb style)

Step Two

Curbing installation step 2

The concrete is mixed to the proper Proportions in a mortar mixer. The mixture of concrete or mortar sand, Portland cement and other bonding materials creates a strong durable concrete product.

Step Three

Curbing installation step 3

The concrete is wheeled to the site, fed into the automatic concrete extrusion machine and extruded into a beautiful continous concrete landscape border.

Step Four

Curbing installation step 4

Specially designed trowels are used in the final finishing of this beautiful product. Troweling finishes off the product to your desired specifications and look as well as sealing the concrete against the elements.

Step Five

Curbing installation step 5

If you are installing a Designer Series concrete, other steps of coloring, texturing and stamping will be employed to achieve the look of stone, wood, pavers or brick.

Step Six

Curbing installation step 6

As an added precaution to ground movement which may damage the concrete, concrete joints are cut half-way through the edging. This provides some flexibility to your finished concrete product.


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