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Curbing Style Choices in Decorative Concrete

Choose from styles like: Mover, Slant, 4x6 Curb or 6x6 Curb. FREE Estimate 239-910-3665

Slant Style

Slant Style Curbing choice

The slant style became popular in the 90's because it can be stamped and textured or done in regular gray concrete as can the curb style. But, unlike the curb style, it has the unique ability to also hold in gardening materials because the back of the curb is higher than the front. The front side of the curb is generally set a ground level to accommodate lawn mower wheels. The slanted look shows off any texturing or stamping that may be applied.Slant Style Curbing demo

Mower Style

Mower Style Curbing choice

This classic style of landscape curbing can be colored, but not stamped or textured. It was designed for easy mowing. This style is very popular because it is installed to both accommodate a lawn mower wheel and at the same time retain gardening materials because of it's higher back side. It also has great curb appeal because it sets off the landscaping with a picture frame type of look. Mower Style Curbing demo

Six by Four Style

Six by Four Style Curbing choice

This style is larger and used for more commercial applications. The six by four can be stamped and textured. The curb style is generally set at ground level for lawn mowing. It is very popular in commercial lawn settings because it handles larger mower wheels and has a more massive look. It can be installed as regular gray concrete or it can be stamped and textured. Because it is set at ground level it is not as easily seen from the street and therefore leaves a groomed look without seeing as much concrete edging. 6 x 4 Style Curbing demo

Six by Six Style

Six by Six Style Curbing choice

The six by six is the tallest curb, it provides added strength for commercial jobs. This style is great for high slope grades and traffic areas. This style can be used like the regular curb style or it can be used as a retainer. The 6X6 is sometimes the spec that is used by commercial architects and it is simply placed deeper in the ground. Other applications may include retention of gravel, gardening materials or other driveway or walkway situations. 6 x 4 Style Curbing demo

Choices in Style is something that we have learned over the years of experience. With decades of experience comes the techniques that make the difference in application and your decorative concrete looking good for years and years. Strong vibrant colors and a myriad of designs means that with you we can create the landscaping elements that fit your existing plan or create something completely new. No matter the choice you will have a professionally installed curbing system for years to come. Sincerely MSD Curbing


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