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Custom Concrete Curbing - Galleries I & II

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Please enjoy these two galleries. The first of which is Custom Hand Carved Stone curbing. This style is very popular and created with a unique touch where no two applications are exactly the same producing as the name indicates a custom piece of landscape component which is durable and artistically attractive. The colors that can be created are endless with choices of colored concrete, as many have prefered the traditional while others have desired a unique White color.
The color used in creation of the finish is also completely custom with mulitple colors often used to create a multi-color finish unique to each application. This nearly endless choice and style allows the decorative concrete curbing to match and accent your current landscape components as well as blend in where needed to create a perfect fit for your landscaping needs

Custom Hand Carved Stone Gallery

Stamped / Textured Curbing

We hope you enjoy these two Galleries. Being able to see your vision in color and in several application is helpful in your choice for your property and design. We hope that we will become an integral part in making these visions and dreams come true by envisioning these styles, types, designs colors and textures in your landscaping creation. Making it a reality is just a phone call away. Our pinterest, Facebook and Google Plus galleries include even more work from the distant past


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